About Us

Rusty Bike Studios tells epic, original Adventure, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi stories. Our goal is to bring excitement to audiences world wide through feature films, interactive books, web and television series.

Our stories recreate the imagination-packed feeling of a kid riding a rusty bike through the forest on a steed in pursuit of runaway outlaws, cruising down the beach while gazing up at the stars of another planet, and riding through city streets chasing a super spy.

Rusty Bike’s co-founders have extensive business, engineering and entertainment industry experience and are alumni of South Park, Boeing, National Geographic Entertainment, and Disney Interactive Studios.

Current projects

  • Spooked! - a ghost adventure, set in 1950s America
  • Webcam - an epic love story, set in post-apocalyptic America
  • First Steps - a tale of conquering fear, set in the near future

Completed projects

  • The Macabre World of Lavender Williams (2009) - IMDb - Trailer

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All of our contract positions are currently filled. Follow us on Twitter to learn about future opportunities.